Naga City is a fast-developing economy hosting International Business and Industrial within and around the city where Apo Cement Corporation Plant is situated. As Naga City’s population is constantly increasing wherein the demand for living spaces increases as well, where the Proposed Development aims to provide and ensure accessible, comfortable, and safe homes in a sustainable environment as to not feel cramped in a crowded neighborhood.

    As per New Housing Need 2012-2030 Statistics, 605,692 (10% of Total Need) Low Cost Housing Units are needed per year. With this demand statistics as basis, the Proposed Development aims to reduce the housing backlog by the year 2030.

    “The Philippines Housing Industry believes that every Filipino Family has the right to live with dignity in the comfort of one’s own home regardless of economic status. It aims to eliminate the Housing Backlog by the year 2030.”

Site Description

    The City of Naga is a 5th Class City in the Province of Cebu, Philippines. It is bordered to the North by the Town of Minglanilla, to the West is the City of Toledo, to the East is the Cebu Strait, and to the South is the Town of San Fernando, situated at the Southern part of Cebu.

    The Development is located in one of the Suburb of Naga City where the site is exposed to less urban noise and traffic. It is also accessible to nearby schools, markets, churches, hospitals and other locations the residents might visit.

Design Concept

    The main factors considered in this design development are the following: safety, accessibility within the vicinity, functionality of the spaces, as well as the well-being of the prospective clients by providing high quality facilities and amenities to ensure the best interest of the clients.

    Sprawling on a 12,640 sqm. Property, the development features two different residential concepts. The design concept is preserving the touch and feel of a Filipino home, with its tropical climate, it is designed also to lessen the heat but letting the light penetrate into the building, Whereas 8.07% of the entire development is allocated for breathing spaces such as parks, playground and amenities for the community’s use and satisfaction. Provided with a guardhouse to ensure the safety of the residents and that stands out and complements the beauty of the community.

  • Address: Naga City, Cebu
  • City: Naga
  • State/county: Cebu
  • Country: Philippines

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