Site Description

  The Proposed Development is located in Lahug, Cebu with a total land area of 2,995 sqm. where there is less exposure to urban noise and away from the urban crowd so as to not feel cramped in a crowded neighborhood. It is also accessible to nearby schools, markets, churches, hospitals, government offices, and other locations the residents might visit.

Design Concept

In the process of the design development, the main objective is to design to ensure the best interest of all the prospective clients whereas safety, accessibility, functionality, and sustainability are the main factors being considered.

This Proposed Development focuses on the following aspects in the design process: Unity, Circulation, Accessibility, and Safety. The Unity of different zones and spaces into a single building with minimal usage of partition to promote the openness from one space to another designed in a smooth Circulation for the users access within and outside the vicinity, keeping in mind the importance of Accessibility wherever you will go and enhancing and incorporating safety in the design promoting a safe community and environment.


  • Country: Philippines

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