As the Philippine population increases each year, with the current population of 109,009,338 as of Monday, February 10, 2020 based on the World Meter Elaboration of the Latest United Nations Data, there will also be an increase in the demand for living spaces equivalent to the enormous population growth.

   Whereas, this development will ensure that it is made in the best interest of all the prospective clients whose purpose is to provide a high quality, luxurious and innovative living spaces and community while promoting a sustainable environment as well as providing a high-quality customer service, professionalism, industry expertise.

Site Description

  The Proposed Development is a 1,500-hectare reclamation located in Cordova, Cebu near the start/endpoint of CCLEX.

Design Concept

In the process of the design development, the main objective is to design to ensure the best interest of all the prospective clients whereas safety, accessibility, functionality, and sustainability are the main factors being considered.

This Proposed project will be developed into an integrated ‘world-class lifestyle’ destination featuring a wide variety of facilities including a cruise terminal, marina, eco-parks, golf course, churches, retail centers, civic centers, cultural centers, and promenades with inland transportation consisting of buses and train with a railroad.

Vicinity Map



Site Development Plan Perspective

Project Features

  1. The proposed reclamation projects will have the following mixed-use developments:

  1. Compromises of eco-features to reflect sustainable development of the project.

A. Eco-Transportation – provides eco-friendly vehicle or environmentally friendly vehicle that produces less harmful impacts to the environment than comparable conventional internal combustion engine vehicles running on gasoline or diesel, or one that uses certain alternative fuels.


B. Sustainable Energy – utilize renewable energy sources for the production of electricity and water. It does not only help saving the cost of consumption of the daily use within the island but also helps not harm the environment.

C. Local Materials – locally sourced products can boost the sustainability credibility of the development. Purchasing Local or Indigenous Materials also reduces the fossil fuels and associated pollutants (including greenhouse gas emissions) required for shipping. Moreover, it supports local businesses and feeds money into the regional economy.

D. Eco-Materials – utilizing friendly products gives advantages such as low maintenance and operation cost, energy and material efficiency as well as enhances indoor environment quality.

E. Bike Lanes – designated for bicyclists. It somehow promotes reduction of automobile congestion and help buffer pedestrians from speeding cars.

F. Water Conservation – It helps to preserve our environment. Reducing our water usages reduces the energy required to process and deliver it to homes, businesses, and other areas which, in turn, helps to reduce pollution and conserve fuel resources.

  1. Safety feature is provided to help regulate and monitor the movement and structures as well as the limits within the vicinity.





  • City: Cordova
  • State/county: Cebu
  • Country: Philippines

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