MASA Group Properties and Development Corporation primarily engages in developing a world-class community and innovative homes regardless of economic status.

MASA Group Properties and Development Corporation focuses on the core of Real Estate Capabilities: Leasing, Financing, Development, Design and Construction, Property and Facilities Management.

Our vision is to develop a world class community of affordable and innovative homes for you to live in with dignity, as well as luxury developments, in a sustainable environment aligned to your needs.

Our mission is to ensure your home is accessible to the booming city life as well as to provide a comfortable living space, a safe and secured community. We aim to invest on value creation and practices that have a positive impact on our communities, where value creation and sustainable development are complementary goals.

With our background in local and international marketing, design and construction procedures, we understand the big picture – investment processes, the role of property in an asset portfolio, the design and construction of your home and the generation of superior returns through the leverage of our operating, professionalism, and industry expertise and our commitment to environmental, social, and governance practices.

Meet our team

To learn more about ”JANA” GLENDA D. ANCHETA, read the description to the right.

Chairwoman/Chief Investment Officer

Ms. Jana Glenda D. Ancheta, has 18 years of industry experience that includes analytical and portfolio management responsibilities in the corporate and banking sector and share markets within South East Asia. Ms. Ancheta earned her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration Banking and Finance.

Her previous experience includes sell-side research and analytical work in the real estate industry and consumer discretionary industries for a leading Asian brokerage firm. Ms. Ancheta also gained valuable experience in venture capital investing within a number of sectors and capital fund raising. Furthermore, she has proven track record driving revenue growth in a variety of industries, whereby she generates successful revenue by increasing sales through effective marketing strategies & public relations. She is the forefront of Block chain and Real Estate Investment Fund. She is also a shareholder of a holdings company based in Kuala Lumpur and Events company in Dubai.

To learn more about ENGR. JOSE FRANCIS R. CAÑIZARES<br /> , read the description to the right.

President / Chief Executive Officer

Engr. Jose Francis R. Cañizares is a Mechanical Engineer, a Licensed Real Estate Broker and Licensed Real Estate Consultant. Jose Francis earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) Degree from the University of San Carlos. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Real Estate Management (MM-REM) from the University of San Jose Recoletos.

Prior to the Real Estate Industry has had 10 years of experience as an Engineer in the Hospitality Industry at one of the biggest Filipino Hotel chains The Waterfront Hotels and Casinos Group. He then ventured into Real Estate earning numerous awards and recognition from The Top Real Estate Developers in the Country. He is also a shareholder of One Stop Realty and Cañizares Architects Design Co. A member of National Organization of Realtors.

To learn more about AR. ARTHUR FREDERICK M. SINAJON<br /> , read the description to the right.

Chief Operations Officer / Corporate Secretary

Arthur Frederick M. Sinajon, an Architect driven by his passion to develop a world class and sustainable community regardless of your economic status that push him to venture out to the Real Estate Industry. In the early stage of his career, he has been captivated in the different aspects of the Real Estate Industry, as a practicing Architect, who is responsible in the planning and design of your homes.

A registered and Licensed Architect. He is the Principal Architect and Managing Partner of Maharlikas Design Build Corporation based in Lahug Apas, Cebu, Philippines.

Mr. Sinajon has been involved in home and community design and construction for years. He was a Project Architect of Taft Property Venture Development Corporation, and Primary Homes Inc. He was also the Chief Executive Officer of NCRAM Construction Development Corporation and Aris Construction Solutions.

To learn more about ELIEL Q. BARCELONA, CPA<br /> , read the description to the right.

Chief Finance Officer

Eliel Q. Barcelona, CPA, CIA, MBA, CFA level 3 candidate has 18 years working professional experiences in financial services as a consultant in big 4 firms (Ernst & Young, Deloitte and Touche and KPMG) and top 50 public listed companies in providing financial risk and operational risk management. He works in London, New York, Cayman Islands, Dublin, and Sydney which able him to have a global mindset.

Eliel is keen to details and has deep knowledge in investment products such as hedge funds and portfolio investment. He believes that having the right attitude, being open minded and a team player are needed to be successful.

To learn more about ALEXANDER Q. TARATINGAN JR.<br /> , read the description to the right.

Chief Marketing Officer

Alexander Q. Taratingan Jr, has been involved in the Real Estate Selling Business for 15 years and began his career with Ayala Land Inc., He was also an Area Sales Head and Sales Director of Taft Property Venture Development Corporation for 10 years. He has trained and molded a number of real estate agents to be successful in their careers.

Mr. Taratingan has proven to be an expert in the Art of selling, creating and formulating incentives, and managing Big Sales Group whereby he has achieved and received Major Awards being the Top Sales Performer. He has mastered his own Art from the street and has been successful in his career.

To learn more about AR. RUDYARD JOHN B. ABELLA<br /> , read the description to the right.

Chief Technical Officer

Rudyard John B. Abella, a registered Licensed Architect, was also driven by his passion to develop a sustainable community that push him to venture out to the Real Estate Industry. As a competent professional and an expert in his field, he has been involved in the different fields of Architecture, who seeks to leverage his acquired skills and knowledge on the technical aspect to the utmost of the community besides home development.

He is the Founder of Jong+A Design and also a Principal Architect of Maharlikas Design Build Corporation based in Lahug Apas, Cebu, Philippines. Mr. Abella has ventured out in the technical aspect and other fields in the Architecture profession. He was a Junior Architect in Lines Architects and Engineers for 10 years, a Field Architect in Makati Development Corporation, a known construction company in the Philippines, to monitor and supervise the projects. He was also a Design Officer in SM Department Store.

To learn more about FRANCIS JOHN D. MARQUEZ<br /> , read the description to the right.

Sales Director

Francis John D. Marquez, is a full time Professional Real Estate Licensed Broker. He has his own investment portfolio and can relate to the needs and goals of other investors. He continually upgrades his education and knowledge and has been helping people out to become successful in their careers.

A graduate with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at University of San Carlos and has been designated as a Certified Negotiation Expert by his team. As he was also a seminarian, in his high school days, he was raised to have a strong work ethic, high morals, and core values. He is outgoing and friendly type of person.

To learn more about ATTY. PAUL NEJUDNE J.D.<br /> , read the description to the right.

In House Legal

Atty. Paul S. Nejudne is a Juris Doctor, over eight years of experience providing legal consulting services for Real Estate companies and legal assistance for private individuals in their acquisition and documentation of Real Estate. Experienced in litigation in criminal, civil and special proceedings. Over five years of experience as Chief Executive Officer of an educational institution.

Over fifteen years of selling and marketing various products and services. A partner of Nejudne Partners and Yankee Law, Director VERGE .Holdings Corp. He is also Chief of Legal Division.

To learn more about LOREN MAGGARD<br /> , read the description to the right.

Research and Development Officer

Loren Wayne Maggard is from the US and has been living and working in Asia for over 20 years. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Physics and a Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies. Loren has primarily been involved in sociolinguistic research among language communities in South Asia, and also taught math and physics for 6 years in schools in the US and in India.

Loren has extensive experience in designing and conducting field research, as well as in training teams and mentoring individuals. He has worked with numerous multinational teams over the years and has been in various organizational leadership positions. Loren is passionate about helping others learn, grow and succeed, whether in the classroom, village or business setting.

Loren has traveled widely in Asia, visiting dozens of countries and many out of the way places, and enjoys experiencing local cultures and cuisines. He believes in the importance of good communication, being a team player, and living holistically.