MASA Group Properties and Development Corporation primarily engages in developing a world-class community and innovative homes regardless of economic status.

MASA Group Properties and Development Corporation focuses on the core of Real Estate Capabilities: Leasing, Financing, Development, Design and Construction, Property and Facilities Management.

Our vision is to develop a world class community of affordable and innovative homes for you to live in with dignity, as well as luxury developments, in a sustainable environment aligned to your needs.

Our mission is to ensure your home is accessible to the booming city life as well as to provide a comfortable living space, a safe and secured community. We aim to invest on value creation and practices that have a positive impact on our communities, where value creation and sustainable development are complementary goals.

With our background in local and international marketing, design and construction procedures, we understand the big picture – investment processes, the role of property in an asset portfolio, the design and construction of your home and the generation of superior returns through the leverage of our operating, professionalism, and industry expertise and our commitment to environmental, social, and governance practices.